February 5, 2007

Drum Roll Please....

You know this cute little monkey contest I decided to throw out there to the universe? It has eaten my brain this weekend. No crumbs left over. All weekend long, I have been compiling and narrowing, and re-compiling and re-narrowing my favorite names. And after spending an embarrassing amount of time doing so, (accompanied by an embarrassing amout of extra time spent staring into the eyes of a stuffed monkey- searching his little monkey soul for his true, spiritual monkey name) I always ended up with a list that was just about as long as when I started.

If I could have practically done so, I would have named him Coconut Joe Elliot Phat Quigley Mr. Teeny Furious George chewgy cappy anesthesia monkey Koko bingo dog mr. incredible shannon bob the monkey funky monkey chunky Little Breather Sloth Cream Ol' Chomper 'Here Brown Clown Disco Monkey Doodle Pepper Noodle Peeve Bot Ergo Smile Kyle Groundhogs Pancake HEMI B-didle Bunkie Arms El Presidente Carl Vinnie Skeet Fletch.

We could have called him Willy for short.

But, since I promised to pick a winner, I forced myself to 'Get Er Done' and just pick a name already.

...So I picked two. Because I'm a wuss and because two is ALWAYS better than one. (Unless, of course, we are speaking of snakes on planes or the number of times in your adult life that you've been confused as being a member of the opposite sex.)

...And then I picked a runner-up. Because, well... this is my blog and I can do whatever the heck I want so neener neener.

('Runner-up' will not receive a fancy poem, but will receive the comparable warm, fuzzy feelings associated with the indescribable honor of being publicly declared a 'runner-up'.)

drum roll please....

Runner-Up: Cam of Ms.Understood for the name 'Vinnie' !
I looked deep into the monkey's eyes and found a New Yorker named Vinnie staring back at me. So, there you go.

Winner # 1: Rebekah's daughter Hope with the name 'Chewgy' !
Not much to say here except Umm... coolest name ever?

Winner #2: My dearest bestest friend since Junior High School- Rebecca, for her monkey name that made me laugh til it hurt: Brown Clown !

And so, without further ado, I'd like to officially introduce you all to

Chewgy the Brown Clown (with the soul of a New Yorker named Vinnie):

you know you love it.

Your prize poems are on the way... I will post them in the next day or two.

Maybe not tomorrow, though, because (have I mentioned?) my itty bitty teeny baby boy is turning TWO YEARS OLD TOMORROW. There are cakes to be baked and snotty tears to be cried. ('he's getting so big! wahhh!')

You guys are the greatest.


r-becca said...

YES!! The coveted Winner #2 spot. You know, I am a teensy bit nervous about your poem. You know too much...Much love to Chewgy the Brown Clown!

Oakes Fam said...

Weird, now that you mention it, he DOES look like New Yorker!

Brandon's Mommy said...

i'm making an educated gues...mom is the one who will be crying snotty little tears cuz her baby is growing old

Rebekah said...

yyyyeeeeaaa! Hopey will be so excited!

oakie joel said...

i feel betrayed. i'm taking my names back, ALL of them.

Scott and Lorie said...

He does look like a Vinnie, but I was secretly holding out for Coconut Joe.=)

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Ezra!

Cam said...

Wahooo!!! I got runner-up!! :D I'm so excited! Vinnie was pretty good, eh?
I like what you ended up choosing, though. He's such a cute little guy.