January 3, 2007

A New Year in Atlanta

My time here in Atlanta so far has been nothing short of spectacularly wonderful (spectacularly fantastic, even!) and I cannot even begin to describe how much fun we are having here.

I've met some amazing new people and friends who challenge and encourage me just by being who they are, and I've been reminded of who I am and what my heart longs for in its deepest places.

I've sung and cheered my face off and am now struggling to hang on to the shred of a voice I have left in me. There are three more worship sessions I am meant to sing for and I dont know if I can do it at this point. It sounds like a frog hunkered down and died in my throat.

Also, since being here, I've eaten SUSHI for the first time ever. (Okay, well, I guess I ate in a SUSHI restaraunt. And, geesh, if you must know, I ordered chicken...)

We went down to a really cool part of Atlanta called Five Points and shopped around old vintage shops with the crazy kids from Leeland. I wore my hippie beanie so I'd fit right in.

I've laughed harder than I have for a long time and riden on an underground train.

I've been reminded of how majestic and powerful and wonderful and humble God is. That he loves me. Just the way I am.

Here's some pictures. I will post more later.


MoMar said...

Emery: Let me be the first to congratulate you ... being a part of Passion 07 is a great opportunity to sing your heart out. Glad you are having fun.

Cheatwoods said...

Happy New Year!!!

Miriam Solomon said...

hey emery!! i was in your community group at passion! (rockin red for life!) anyway, i just wanted to tell you i really loved hearing you sing. sometimes i would strain to hear your voice, listening for your awesome harmony. you and chris and joel too blessed my socks off! i listened to a couple of your songs on your myspace and loved it. i hope you are being blessed each day with God's amazing grace! many thanks to you!!!


p.s.: you have thee cutest baby boy i've ever seen---seriously. :)