January 12, 2007

A Letter of Supplication.

Dear Faithful Internet,

The 'Mother of All Ice Storms' is supposedly moving in today, and I've heard it predicted that it could leave a nice, thick 3 inch layer of ice pack before all is said and done. The news has been warning people not to drive, and to stock up on food supplies and flash lights because of imminent power outages from the weight of the ice on power lines and trees and such. Chris and I are a bit skeptical because we've found Oklahoma Weathermen to be...um... a bit on the dramatic side thus far, ("it's the end of the world, we swear!") but if what they're saying is true, it could be a long week ahead. And you know what I realized today after talking to my mom? If the power goes out, SO DOES THE HEATER. What then? I wish we had a fireplace. I may resort to a bonfire in the bathtub made entirely of 'Elmo's World' videos. That would warm me in more ways than one.

So, I'm racking my brain trying to figure out ways to keep Ezra from going stir crazy these next few days. I don't want him to just watch hours and hours of his blessed new 'Cars' DVD. Any tips on how to keep the boredom away?

I really need your help.

The lights are beginning to flicker. Eeep! save meeeeeee!

The Cabin Fever Clarks

he loves me.


sufferingsummer said...

Hi, you don't know me, I just came across your site on Cameron's site (I do know him) anyway I'm a newish Mama trying to maintain myself while caught in the whirlwind that is my daughter. I found your blog to be inspiring so if you don't mind I might stick around.
As to your current state when I nannied and had a similar situation we built an obstical course all through the house and ran it over and over until we could do it with our eyes closed...use lots of soft pillows as there will be many tumbles...the benefit to this is two fold, you keep warm from all the running and eventually he gets so in to it you can hop on the couch and cheer him on wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of tea!
Good Luck!

Emery Jo said...

hi sufferingsummer! Thank you so much for the idea!! You're brilliant! I'm gonna set up a course tomorrow and run the little man through it till he's exhausted. hehe. Then I'm going to drink yummy tea and curl up on the couch just like you said. Ahhh.... can't wait.
Thanks for reading!