December 20, 2006

Plane and Simple.

I'm sick. my head feels like its puffed up like a balloon and I'm pretty sure there's enough pressure in there to propel a small locamotive. It's very rare for me to get sick, and of course the one time I do, it attacks right before I'm meant to board an airplane. If any of you who live in the states between Oklahoma and Nevada hear loud screaming overhead on Friday, it very well could be me on my flight- hollering in pain because the pressure was intensified one billion percent on takeoff. (Just a friendly heads up.)

We leave for home on Friday and I can't wait to see everyone. We'll be in Reno until the 31st, and then we are flying to Atlanta, Georgia (Ezra-less!) because Joel, Chris, and I are leading one of the 'break-out groups' at Passion '07 this year. (wooooo woooooo!!!) I plan to take many pictures and come back with many stories to tell. After that, we fly back to Reno again, pick up Ezra from the grandparents, and then fly back to Oklahoma the very next day... eek.

For the plane ride, we went and bought some fun toys at the 'Dollar Store' today, and since the selection was somewhat limited, Ezra ended up with a handful of Little Mermaid Stamps and some watermelon scented 'fun-dough'. I found them right next to a sponge in the shape of a credit card that you put in hot water and watch grow into a huge-normous Platinum Visa with the name 'Mrs. Spender' on it. Classy! We will also have the beloved DVD Player and perhaps a benadryl or two on hand in case of a total mid-flight meltdown. I think we've pretty much got all the bases covered.

But no matter how "prepared" I think I might be, I know that traveling with a toddler will always be challenging and unpredictable. Kindof like wrestling a giant boa-constrictor in the jungle. Only, you're not in a jungle- you're in a small airborne craft full of people who expect you and the boa-constrictor to keep your voices down so they can listen to thier iPods in peace.

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