November 30, 2006

Room Swap with a Chance of Snow.

As if I didn't have a million other little things I could be doing, I suddenly decided a couple of nights ago that we absolutely MUST (without delay) switch the office and Ezra's room. I'm not talking about a simple furniture re-arrangement here... I'm talking about a full-on ROOM SWAP. Where everything goes from Point A to Point B and vice-versa. My sweet and longsuffering husband was willing to oblige my strange Tuesday night request, and so, the moving began.

I never felt 100% about Ezra's room placement choice- it's located by the squeaky front door and shares a wall with the living room. I'm sure it has been hard for him to sleep some nights as I curl up on the floor and watch 'Scrubs' re-runs at high volume while chomping on Cheezits. By putting his room in the back of the house, we can feel more freedom to dance around and sing Disney songs in horrific falsetto voices and operate the crushed ice machine without desperate prayers that the grinding won't wake the sleeping babe. It makes a whole lot more sense this way.

Ezra appears to really love his new room, and I think the office is great. We have yet to hang all the art and do all the window coverings and what not, but I thought I'd share some updated pictures anyways.

The Office. (take two)

Ezra's Room

Due to this random move, we have no internet on the desktop computer, so I am limited in my blog posting and vintage store abilities until we can get that up and running again. Oh, and did I mention?

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!

Do you hear that sound? That's the sound of my pretty rose bushes SCREAMING.

Big, fat, yummy white flakes are drifting to the ground right now. Its so pretty and I haven't seen snow like this in years. All last night it was 'ice storming'. If you haven't lived in Middle America, you might not be familiar with this concept... It's like RAINING ICE. Not hail, not snow, but ICE. The roads and trees and telephone wires get covered with thick ice blankets, and when its falling from the sky it sounds like needles hitting your house.

I love snow. It's just one more reason to postpone my grocery shopping. wooo hooo!


Brandon's Mommy said...

Super choice on the room change. I always always wanted a window seat when I was growing up so Ezzie is extra lucky to have one now. His room looks very very cute also. And snow wow. At least your city can decided what season it is. Stupid Reno

Lisa said...

I LOVE his new room! Very happy and fun. You did great!

Mombat said...

You are clearly a more accomplished designer than I. Fabulous room move. And snowing! I live in the north and it's 60 degrees out today.

Irene said...

I love the rooms!!!
the rug in Ezra's room is so beautiful!

and my boys have the same Little people farm.

Emery Jo said...

aww, shucks! Thanks guys! It's working out great-- we love it more everyday!

Uncle Dave said...

I am glad someone is getting snow. It really hampering my ability to go snowboarding without the white stuff in Reno.