November 20, 2006

Proof that I have Too Much Time on my Hands...

It's time for another embarrassing admission by Emery!

This week's embarrassing admission happened about 30 seconds ago. I reached in the fridge to get a Pepsi, but the box was just sitting on the shelf completely empty. (A common occurrence in our household... I often will think we're good on groceries for a few days, only to discover that about HALF of all the boxes in the cupboard are, in fact, completely empty.) We just happened to have an unopened liter of Coca-Cola sitting in the fridge from a dinner party we had a few days ago, so I grabbed that instead and unscrewed the lid.

Like the good little merchandise-trained American I am, I subconsciously checked under the cap to see if I'd won anything. This is like a reflex for me. Second nature. Drilled into my brain from the age of 6. Instead of a "you've just won!" message, I found a jumbled mass of numbers and letters printed on the cap. A secret code of sorts. Normally, I would just ignore these numbers and pour my drink and forget all about it. But today was a completely different story. I got a feeling in my gut that said, "this could be THE ONE!" I could win 10 million dollars or something just by plugging these numbers into the Coca-Cola website and then, voila! We're rich! We build Chris a recording studio and move into a big ol' house and we're set! For life! Yeeee haw!

While picturing this glamorous lifestyle, I headed back to the office to enter the code into their website. I thought it would be a quick, easy process, you know? Like, type code in this box and we'll tell you if you're a ga-jillionaire or not.

I was wrong.

First I had to register. Now, most normal people would decide that Coca-Cola didn't deserve to suck up the amount of personal time it would take to go through this registration process and they would just drop the whole idea and move on with their lives. Me? I took the time to register. WITH THE COCA-COLA WEBSITE. Not only that, I had to fill the whole page out FOUR times because I kept forgetting to check a box here or there or I had entered the scrambled code in wrong at the bottom... All in all, I spent way too much time doing this. But I couldn't stop because of that pesky 'gut feeling' I had that I was about to be a millionaire. What if I had given up and been THAT CLOSE to an instant fortune? Oh the irony!

So, after I registered, it asked me a hundred more questions and then FINALLY took me to the box where I could enter my lucky secret code. I licked my lips and began to type the numbers in slowly. No room for mistakes. MUST BE ACCURATE. Sweat formed on my brow. The world grew silent. The computer hummed softly.

After I punched in the last number, I hit the submit button and awaited my fate.

"Thank You!" The page said. "You now have 3 points!"

Huh? Points? *blink blink* Where's my money?

Turns out, each time you enter a code, you get three points. And then, when you've amassed a huge wealth of thousands upon thousands of points, you get to chose from the prizes. (Chuck-E-Cheese arcade flashbacks, anyone?)

I disappointedly click on the store button to see what the store holds. Ooooh! I can download a ringtone with 16 points! (wait...thats an EXPENSIVE ring tone...) Or, for only 26,000 points, I could win the hood of the coca-cola NASCAR driven by Kyle Petty! (I've always wanted a NASCAR hood!) OR, I could win a walk-on roll on a Hollywood movie or TV show!

WOW! thanks, coca-cola! All of this and I'd only have to buy 8,660 liters of Coke! You're too generous!

PS. In the last 20 minutes that it has taken me to type this post, I have received 5 new junk e-mail messages in my inbox. And they are all from Coca-Cola.

*heavy sigh* I've brought this upon myself, haven't I?


Cheatwoods said...

My husband would love this post, he always tells me never to do stuff like that! LOL, but for me, Coke is so worth that! I love Coke!!!

Your awsome!

Britt said...

Oh I hate how they trick us into giving out our e-mail addresses only to be harrassed daily and nightly by stupid junk mail! Good grief!

MoMar said...

Dang it, so much for "gut" feelings. How are we supposed to know when to trust them?

Irene said...

hahaha, that's exactly something I could do!!!

Mommy & Nehemiah said...

Hey Em, Its the day before turkey-day and i just wnated to make sure you know Jessi is in labor.

Mommy & Nehemiah said...

He's here EM!!! Born around 11:30 am. 8lbs 6ozs!

Mombat said...

Absolutely stunning! I just loved this image. And congrats, mommy & nehemiah! Exciting news.

Maggie said...

Emery – I’m dying!!! I did the EXACT SAME THING! Bill came in from work one day all excited because he had found a Coke lid in our front yard (thanks neighborhood kids!) and said the way it caught his eye convinced him that it was our ticket to millions. Needless to say, after much excitement and slogging through the Coke website, we too have 3 points good toward any number of useless Coca Cola products we neither need nor want. I love being the target audience!

I have been obsessively reading your blog for weeks now and am a little ashamed that THIS is the story that finally prompted me to reach out and contact you. I promise, this is no where near the first time I have had an overwhelming sense of “ME TOO!!!” while reading your blog. From root canals to story-time, mall walking to park-lust, I feel like someone gets what it is I do day in and day out. I laugh and laugh and think “Yipee! I’m normal!!!” Also, I feel inspired and recharged and ready to get my son up from his nap and be the best darn mommy this side of the Mississippi (I think you’ve got the other side covered).