September 1, 2006

Let's Talk Park.

We went to the park again today with Jett and Bekah. It was lots of fun!

Ezra actually stayed in the swing for longer than 30 seconds, and seemed to really enjoy it. He usually hates the swings, and I'm always so nervous when he's in them because the kid is TOP HEAVY. Where his head goes, he goes. So when he lets go of the swing and leans his head back to look at the sky my heart stops beating because it looks like the centrifugal force created by his large noggin is going to fling him from the swingset like a shot out of a cannon.

I call this "Reluctant Sharing"

After the swings, we moved on to the Huge Treacherous Slide. Jett almost flew off the thing and when I took Ezra up there to slide down with him, I got scared because we were like 100 feet in the air. I think I got a nosebleed up there. I felt like I was 11 years old again, standing at the top of the 'Black Widow' water slide at Wild Waters... there's no room for fear when there are 150 kids in the line behind you, pushing their way up the water slide steps with the unstoppable momentum of a pre-pubescent adrenaline rush. It's either go down the slide and risk death by the infamous 'Water Slide Wedgie', or take the grueling 'Walk Of Shame' back down the steps to solid ground. The choice was always clear: the Wedgie of Death was much more practical than the agonizing Descent of Shame. (and can we talk about the Wave Pool? I'll save it for another time...)

"Umm... are you sure about this mom?"

Next, we dizzyfied the kids by spinning them on the merry-go-round. We found out later that the merry-go-round was surrounded by little sticker bushes. After we plucked the stickers from Jett's butt, we explored the drainage ditch. (why not?) Where Jett promptly fell into a gooey, slimy mud puddle. (ohh...that's why not.)

Good times... good times.

I promise my next entry won't be about the park again. But I'm warning you now: It's pretty much either 'Park talk', or detailed descriptions of Ezra's never-ending bout with diarrhea and the subsequent diaper rash that makes changing his diaper feel like I'm wrestling with an ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size) in a fire swamp.

(Ezra with a diaper rash)

It's your choice...

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Cheatwoods said...

i like the park pics, however I never pass up a story from you even if it about rous's and diaper rash!!