August 28, 2006

"Old McDonalds Had A Fry"
(A story, in pictures)

"Oh mom, aren't I so cute today in my little sailor outfit? Don't you just looooove me? I'm such a good boy!"

"Gasp! What's that over there?!"
(mom whips around to see what Ezra is pointing at...)

(Ezra, checking to make sure the coast is clear)

Ezra to self: "He he he. Works everytime. It's all mine! mwa haha!"

(Ezra makes sure that mom hasn't spotted the DAY OLD MCDONALDS FRENCH FRY he has found in the driveway.)

(munch munch munch.) "mmm... It's just as good as new..."


R. Loesch said...

HAHAHAHA!! You've taught him our game?! I love it...and he's the cutest boy ever.

oakie joel said...

did he borrow my sailor suit? i'm confused...

Cheatwoods said...

Hey i go by the two day rule to!!!! You should teach him to say Arrrgggggghhhhhh