August 4, 2006

The Making of a Mall-Mom

This morning I took Ezra to the mall by our house, but we went at 9:00AM before any of the stores were open. (They open at 10:00.) And it....was....GLORIOUS! Why haven't I done this before?? It was like a big clean, shiny, empty, air-conditioned wonderland where I was free to window shop as Ezra ran pell-mell up and down the corridors- giggling and gasping and forgetting to watch where he was going as he ran into planters and people alike.

We rode escalators up and down and up and down and we played in the fountain. We pointed at gumball machines and pounded on the windows of Victoria's Secret until the employees came out from the back office to see what the commotion was all about. (Emery: *blushes*... *dies*).
Apparently, my son likes to scream and yell at mannequin ladies in their underwear... (I foresee trouble.)

The mall was empty except for a few power-walkers and the most precious old people I've ever seen in my life. I had great conversations with some of them as Ezra did laps around the gumball kiosks, and everyone was smiling brightly and extremely friendly. But, the best part of ALL of this was when I blindly rounded a corner as I was chasing after Ezra, and there, before me, was an OPEN, thriving Starbucks... calling my name and whispering sweet-nothings into my ear.

Heaven on earth, people. Heaven on Earth.

I fear that I might become a regular there. You know, one of those people that visit the mall before the stores are even open... I'll make new "mall-mom" friends and we'll roll our eyes at the people who are rushing through the doors at 10, while we're already casually sauntering out of them. We'll make T-shirts that proudly say: "Mall-Moms Do It Before Ten", and we'll steal all the best parking spaces. (The shady ones by the front door). We'll never speak publicly of our undefiled Mecca, and we will all understand that we belong to a sacred club that can only be talked about in hushed, respectful whispers. This is gonna be awesome.

Mall-Moms Unite!!


Anne said...

I love it! It makes me wish we had a mall here so I could do the same. If I was there I would be going with you...especially after the little one arrives. Have a great day!
Love ya.

Cheatwoods said...

i love doing that when im in la with my dad, just me, other moms and ols people jogging!!!

steffenauer said...

Oh Emery, you are making me long for the mall....I grew up around malls and then, I moved here. Need I say more? I like strolling around the malls and when it is cold outside or hot in your case, it was just nice to go into an indoor shopping mall with food and game rooms and ahhh...there is just something about it. I guess it is just fun and for moms a great place to go when you are longing for something to do while the weather outside is to hot or to cold. Anyway, my husband never understood why I like malls and most people don't, but you my friend,you understand. :)
love ya

Dave White (one of the Uncles) said...

Well you can rest assured that even if Ezra is screaming at mannequins they are LADY mannequins which means that he does like GIRLS.

Mommy & Nehemiah said...

After reading this blog, my mom, the english teacher said, i hope shes keeping copies of everything, cause she can write a book...and people would buy it! So what do you say Emery??? I would buy your book.