August 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home


May I have your attention, please?


(Well, more like a home-payer-off-er...)

This is crazy. We're so excited. We've spent lots of time in our new house already-- painting and tearing up carpets and making the place shiny and new.

(Side note to all you single ladies: Having a painting contractor for a husband is quite handy. You should try to find yourselves a nice painting contractor and settle down with him. Trust me. You'll thank me later. *end side note*)

Chris is working so hard on the place and doing a great job. (Oh, and watching my husband work? sexy.) Did I say that outloud just now?

We will keep you updated by posting "before" and "after" pictures as the work progresses so you can see the transformations.

I've started packing.


All of my kick-knacky things are in boxes and the only other hassles will be clothing and dishes. I'm thinking of just throwing 1/2 of my clothes into the moving truck, and then throwing all my dishes in on top of that, and then throwing the other 1/2 of my clothes on top of that. See? Padding! For the dishes! I'm a genius. (who just had to spell-check for how to spell the word "genius".)

Anywho- thanks for all the encouragement and support while we were going through the process of finding a house. You all were right: It all works out for the best. Thank goodness God knows what He's doing... otherwise we would have ended up in a leftwards-leaning, semi-crumbly old treehouse with a south-bound foundation and a lack of functional appliances.



Cameron Ingalls said...

yoooou......homo-ner! ;)
yeah, i figured it was a jeremy pulling a prank (he's the only one as clever as mischevious who would think something like that up) after a couple of hours and after my attorney friend called that attorney's office and they said they didn't handle tradmarks. jeff newsom unraveled the case and figured out that the domain was registered in SLO. anna sent a fakey email inquiring about wedding packages and availability... they responded pretending to be 'cameron ingalls' assistant with a fakey phone number which ben brown called from a blocked I.D. saying he needed some shots and that his body was a blank canvas. jeff didn't work for 2 days..... it was awesome. i posted the blog to try to make jeremy feel bad and 'come out'. he didn't feel bad, but he did give up the joke.

Hey! i'm proud of you guys buying your first ever home!
and i love you and miss you and love you lots!!!

ArtsyFartsy said...

I think when you get settled you should start a blog of just your stories!! DO IT!! DO IT!!

Steffenauers said...

Awesome, you guys got it! That is exciting. Ezra is as cute as ever. love you guys! Take Care