July 15, 2006

Family Crisis 2006: The Television Meltdown

I took Ezra to the mall the other day because there is this little play area where he can climb on things and slide down things and run around like a bonafide mad-man without getting hurt because everything is made out of squishy foam. He was having a blast and more and more kids were showing up until it was quite crowded. It quickly turned into third-degree chaos, but Ezra didn't seem to mind and he was playing happily.

Suddenly, he spotted a little boy with blonde hair who was a little older than he is. Ezra gasped loudly and began pointing to this little boy as if he was urgently trying to convey something to him. Ezra began to follow this boy around and would not stop POINTING at him as hard as he could. He was jabbering and talking to the little boy while lifting his arms above his head. And all the while there was much gasping. GASP! GASP! GASP!

I thought it was so cute that he'd kindof latched onto one little boy and was so adamantly trying to communicate with him. The little boy didn't mind, he was "talking" back to Ezra and letting Ezra follow him around.

It got to the point where Ezra would not let this kid go anywhere and the little boy was starting to feel smothered. I could sense his frustartion from across the play area. This little boy would dodge and weave through obstacles trying to shake Ezra off of his trail, but everytime he turned around, there was Ezra... Pointing and gasping and waving his arms over his head.

So, when the little boy climbed up the little slide and Ezra started to follow, I decided to grab Ezra and let the boy have some space. As I went over to the slide, the little boy turned around so I could see him from the front. And there... on his T-shirt... was none other than


No wonder Ezra wouldn't leave this poor kid alone! (Ezra is slightly obsessed with Toy Story, and when we put it on, he runs around lifting his hands above his head while trying to say, "To infinity, and BEYOND!, which ends up sounding more like, "Doo wa lee, a go-go!")

I thought it was SO funny, I just started busting up laughing in the middle of the swarm of hyper children. The other mothers must have thought I was crazy, because they started herding their children towards them by pulling snacks from their bags and saying, "Come here, little Johnny....Come closer to mommy... It's SNACK TIME..."

Yesterday our TV stopped working, and Chris and I and Ezra went to buy a new one last night because OH LORD NO I CANNOT SURVIVE ONE DAY AS A TV-LESS PERSON, so we headed to Wal-Mart to check out what they had. They had a lovely selction of crappy-crap TVs made by trustworthy brand names such as "Ilo" and "Insignia" and "ThisWillBreakIn3Monthsia" , so we decided to head to Best Buy. On our way out of the store I got this really funny idea into my head and I waited until there were some people around us and then LOUDLY called out to Chris (who was walking a little ways ahead of us) :

"Hey honey! You should REALLY get some of those SUPERMAN boxers!!"

He snapped around and looked at me with big eyes like I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST SAID THAT SO LOUD and I was DYING of laughing. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. It's probably the funniest thing I've ever done.

(Oh man, you guys should've been there.BWA HAHAHA!)

Anywho... we got our TV and all is right with the world again.


Cheatwoods said...

that is very funny! Altho iv seen you do some funny stuff, im not sure if it was the funniest!

Candace said...

I love you Emery!!!! That is HILARIOUS!