June 2, 2006

Rock n' Roll!

OK, so I have my first real show tonight and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

(Thanks, Joel!)

I've practiced my songs a ga-jillion times today and Chris' programming stuff sounds AMAZING. We've worked out a new song too, and it is fantabulous. My husband is one talented little monkey.

I am going to drop the little E off at the Anderson's tonight so they can watch him and I'm looking forward to the time of baby-less-ness. Good thing this show tonight is at Bridgeway, otherwise I'd probably celebrate my freedom by going hog wild and drinking too many midori-sours or delicious mojitos. have you guys tried one of these?? supposedly they are all the rage now and drinking them makes you totally awesome.


Cheatwoods said...

good luck, wish I could go!!

Candace said...

I love mojitos....they are the greatest every!!!! Good luck with the show....brake a leg...hehehe