September 5, 2006

The Home Depot Experience.

We all went to Home Depot yesterday for a quick trip to return a couple of things and pick up an item or two while we were there. It was meant to be a quick, painless trip to the store.

But it wasn't quick.

or painless.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Ezra fell asleep in his carseat. Normally, I would wake him up and drag him into the store, but he hadn't napped AT ALL that day, so I decided to try and let him sleep. This is how lots of our "fun family trips to the store" end up... Chris runs in, and I wait in the car with the sleeping baby. Fun fun!

Well, this time, Chris was on the phone when we pulled into the parking lot and he was having an important conversation, so he left the radio on low and we all sat in the car in the parking lot while he "finished up".

About 10 minutes later, I looked back at Ezra and he was all sweaty and drooly in his carseat, so I turned to Chris and said "Can you please turn the A/C back on?" He nodded (he was still on the phone) and went to start the car back up so we could turn on the A/C.

dead. battery.

me: giving Chris the death-eyes.

ezra: sweating profusely.

So, Chris gets off the phone and we start looking for someone to give us a jump start. Chris wanders out into the parking lot (jumper cables in hand) and asks a man walking into the store if he could give us a quick jump- pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?

man says "NO".


Chris looks shocked as he walks back to the car.

"What did he say, honey?" I inquire gently.

"He...he....he said NO."

"He said WHAT?!"

We were shocked. And confused. So, Chris wandered around looking for someone else for another 5 minutes or so, until a NICE man finally offered to help us. By this time, I had to pull Ezra from his carseat, waking him up in the process (me to self: frickin frackin @&*%%^&%) so that he wouldn't cook in the car. I positioned myself and my cranky baby next to the new, shiny Lexus SUV from which the 'Man Who Said NO' had emerged. He came back out of the store and walked back to his car. I gave him the death-eyes too. (Intensified by about 300%.)

After many attempts we discovered that our jumper cables were busted and the car wouldn't start still. But just then, a guy came up and was like, "I have a jump box in my car- do you need to use it?" We said we did, and the car fired right back up. Woo hooo!!

Chris ran in to the store and returned the things we needed to return. Then he came back out. The he realized he'd forgotten to BUY the items he needed after he'd returned the ones he didn't, so he went back in again.

When he came out the second time, his gloomy mood was gone completely and he had a radiant smile on his face.

"What happened?" I asked.

He proceeded to tell me about how he'd gone to the 'self-checkout' line, and when he'd scanned the washer cables he was buying, the machine went "BOOP! ONE CENT!". He looked around to see if anyone had heard. "One cent?", he thought to himself. "No way!" He looked around and saw that the customer service line was really long and no one was around that could help him. (In typical Home Depot fashion).

"Boop. Finish and Pay?" the machine asked him.

Chris felt the weight of his moral dilemma. Do I push the "Finish & Pay button?" he asked himself. "Or do I hit CANCEL and go wait in the mile-long-customer-service-line?"...

He recalled the 'death-eyes' he'd received from me earlier for making me wait in the car AGAIN after he'd realized he'd forgotten to buy what he needed the FIRST time he went into the store.

His finger hovered over the screen. Sweat formed on his brow. He glanced over his shoulder again and...

"BOOP! Finish and Pay!"

Chris attributes this amazing deal to Home Depot's lack of organizational skills.

I contribute this amazing deal to my trusty death-eyes.

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That Girl. said...

I spent two years of my life slaving away in Home Depot. I am glad you got washer cables for a cent. May more treasures come your way.